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Embedded Processing Directory Comprehensive, searchable list of parts, tools and third-party IP.
Basics Processor Tracker Real-time updates for select processors and development tools.

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The Embedded Processing Directory collects a wealth of information from more than 80 processor manufacturers and IP core suppliers into a single repository that embedded developers use to research and select the processors that will become the heart of their designs. Designers are able to drill down through the information in the compendium based on company name, architecture size, and target application space.

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Document Resources

Data Sheets

Datasheets summarize the performance and technical characteristics of a component or subsystem, such as a microprocessor or network interface module, to enable an embedded developer to integrate the component into a system. Datasheets may specify average and typical ranges, as well as tolerances, for characteristics of the component. Component manufacturers provide datasheets to help developers choose and use their components.

White Papers

White papers are informational reports or guides that provide embedded developers an overview of the benefits and trade-offs of using specific technologies, trends, products, and processes. White papers provide in-depth analysis on topics to help embedded developers when making design decisions.

Design Guides

Design guides provide embedded developers with training and tutorial resources for how to work with specific components, interfaces, and technologies. Design guides consist of educational documents that include step-by-step walkthroughs, in-depth technology analysis and implementation, as well as high-level integration guidelines.

Application Notes

Application notes provide embedded developers with implementation details on how to use a component in a specific application. Application notes may provide guidance on unusual uses of a component that would be too narrow in scope to be included in a datasheet. In addition to being independent documents, application notes are sometimes appended to a datasheet.

Reference Designs

Reference designs are predesigned resources from manufacturers that embedded developers may use as final products or starting points for a design. A purpose for reference designs is to reduce the barrier of entry and integration risk for embedded developers to implement new features or end-applications. Reference designs often provide a proof of concept platform for using a manufacturer's latest technologies in a specific application.

Additional Resources

Voices of Industry

The Voices of Industry channel is a forum for industry and engineering leaders to share their thoughts and insights about the challenges and opportunities facing embedded developers. The contributors comment on the trends that are influencing how tools and techniques are evolving and enabling hardware, software, and system developers to design and build complex systems in an increasingly connected world.

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Embedded Insights Newsletter

Embedded Insights Newsletter

The Embedded Insights Newsletter is a free bi-weekly e-newsletter for embedded developers that includes information and insights into design principles and industry trends. Each issue highlights articles, tools, and the "word on the street" for embedded systems. Rotating features include summaries of past questions of the week, highlights from active discussions in the embedded channels, as well as some light-hearted features. The newsletter is sent out on Thursdays.

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Embedded Insights Channels

The Embedded Insights channels consist of editorial content in the featured channels, embedded design channels, and embedded application channels. The featured channels include the popular Question-of-the-Week and Voices of Industry series that focus on any topic with each article. The embedded design channels consist of series that each focus on design issues facing developers irrespective of the application domain they are working with. In exploring the design channels, the design topics may use a specific application space to highlight differences and similarities of a given concept across application spaces. The embedded application channels refine the embedded design channels and focus on the specific issues facing domain experts working within that application space.

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