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Processor Tracker

Processor Tracker™ is a publication that provides developers with product and ecosystem data for select processors and development tools. The publication tracks updates and newly available product specs, data sheets, support features, development tool capabilities, and more. These updates are incorporated in Processor Tracker™ as they become available in real-time.

Processor Tracker

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TI’s Ultra Low Power FRAM microcontroller MSP430FR57xxTI's Ultra Low Power FRAM microcontroller MSP430FR57xx

This issue of Processor Tracker™ is dedicated to covering ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) 16‐bit microcontrollers by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). According to TI, its recently introduced MSP430FR57xx FRAM series ensures data can be written more than 100 times faster and uses as little as 250 times less power than flash‐ and EEPROM‐based microcontrollers. TI's on‐chip FRAM additional advantages are data retention in all power modes and support of more than 100 trillion write cycles. The unified memory supported allows developers to easily change memory partitioning between program, data and cache in software, providing inventory management and system cost savings.