Targets: Audio, Communication & Wired, Consumer

austriamicrosystems AS3527 Block Diagram

The AS3527 is an ultra low-power microcontroller based on the ARM9 32-bit processor with fully integrated high performance audio features and system power management features. It comes with 8-kbyte instruction and 8-kbyte data cache memories and embedded 320-kbyte SRAM with performance from 20 to 266 MHz operation. The AS3527 features dedicated high speed interfaces for ATA IDE, USB2.0 HS-OTG, and SDRAM. Memory interfaces support NAND flashes, MMC/SD cards, and Memory Stick.

Two independently programmable PLLs generate the required frequencies for audio playback/recording, for the processor core and for the USB interface at the same time. An additional external clock input eliminates the use of external crystals when used in multi-processor systems. The AS3527 has an independent 32 kHz RTC (real time clock) on chip, which allows a complete power down of the system CPU and peripherals and contains a charger for Li-Ion batteries.

The AS3527 has a variety of audio inputs and outputs to directly connect microphones, and auxiliary signal sources via a 10-channel mixer to a headset 16Ω /32Ω or auxiliary audio peripherals. Selectable mixer bypasses lower the power consumption for simple playback operations. The different regulated supply voltages are fully programmable. The power management block generates 11 different supply voltages out of a single supply to power the CPU, NAND flash, SRAM, memory cards, hard disk, LCD, LCD backlight, USB-HOST, and USB OTG. The single supply voltage may vary from 3.0V to 5.5V. AS3527 is available in a small footprint of 13x13 mm, 224 pin CTBGA RoHS-compliant package.