Beyond Semiconductor

Beyond Semiconductor


Targets: Audio, Automotive, Communication & Wired, Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, Digital Power, General Purpose, Imaging & Video, Industrial, Medical, Military & Aerospace, Mobile & Wireless, Motor Control, Security, Test & Measurement

Beyond Semiconductor BA14 Block Diagram

Beyond processors are available in Verilog RTL source code. The Beyond BA14 processor is a modern superscalar design, featuring dual issue, out-of-order execution. With powerful DSP instructions, optional IEEE 754 compliant double precision floating point unit, and an optional SIMD vector unit, it targets ASICs with demanding performance requirements. Developers can configure the number of execution units.

The Beyond BA14 will reach frequencies approaching 1 GHz when implemented in high speed 65 nm process. This coupled with two level caches, MMU, and branch prediction enables Beyond BA14 to reliably perform computationally demanding tasks in multitasking environments such as Linux. The processor supports AMBA AHB and wishbone bus in either little or big endian mode. The debug unit supports hardware breakpoints and real time execution trace buffer.

The Beyond BA14 processor is verified and comes with an SDK (software development kit) that include a compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, software instruction set simulator, and operating system support including Linux and eCos ports. Developers have access to third-party tools.

Full FPGA development kits are available with a reference SoC featuring chosen Beyond BAxx Processors, controllers and peripherals (DDR2 Controller, 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller, DVI Display Controller, AC97 Controller, PS/2, UART). The reference SoC demonstration includes running the latest Linux and eCos.