Targets: Communication & Wired

Imsys IM3910 Block Diagram

The IM3910 is a dedicated controller for networked applications in real-time environments. Its high energy-efficiency and ability to deliver a sustained throughput of 83 Mbyte/s makes it also an ideal choice for performance critical operations in battery powered devices. The microcoded architecture outperforms typical RISC processors in applications where memory size, component count and power consumption must be kept at a minimum. Enabled with Java, the IM3910 provides remote management capabilities and support for various user interfaces. Applications with networked equipment, graphical user interfaces, internet connections and battery operation will leverage on the IM3910 controller.

The IM3910's energy efficiency relies on its microcoded control logic and patented memory interface. The embedded Java Virtual Machine is an integral part of the controller, reducing the interpretation overhead and increasing code efficiency. Microcoded native instructions enable true parallel execution on limited power. Imsys' software API on the IM3910 is suitable for networked automation and control systems. Application designers can mix and match between Java, C and assembler languages to reach optimal performance.