Rabbit Semiconductor

Rabbit Semiconductor

Rabbit 5000

Targets: Automotive, Communication & Wired, Industrial, Military & Aerospace, Mobile & Wireless, Motor Control, Security

The Rabbit 5000 microprocessors targets embedded control, communications, and network connectivity applications. The Rabbit 5000 uses a 16-bit internal bus architecture and has the ability to support both 8-bit and 16-bit external memory devices. The 24-bit address bus supports up to 16-Mbytes of memory. The microprocessor includes 128-kbytes of 16-bit SRAM, and the core operates at 1.8 V while the I/O's support 3.3 V interfaces.

Integrated peripherals include eight channels of DMA access to internal or external memory, internal I/O addresses, and the external I/O bus Two input capture channels each with a 16-bit counter used for measuring pulse widths or for baud rate auto-detection. The two quadrature decoder channels provide a direct interface to optical encoder units. Four independent pulse width modulator (PWM) outputs can drive devices such as motors or solenoids, or can be filtered to create a 10-bit D/A converter

The Rabbit 5000 provides two options for network connectivity — a full 10/100Base-T Ethernet MAC with a standard MII PHY interface, and a wireless 802.11b/g MAC compatible with several standard Wi-Fi transceivers. The A/D converter and D/A converter and clocked-serial control port provide a generic interface to common Wi-Fi transceivers. A low-speed A/D converter is also available to monitor the transmit signal strength if desired. The two A/D converters and single D/A converter are available when the Wi-Fi peripheral is disabled.

The Rabbit 5000 provides support for operating systems with system and user modes. Memory blocks as small as 4-kbytes can be write-protected against accidental writes by user code, and stack over/underflows can be trapped by high-priority interrupts.

Security features include an instruction set to increase encryption algorithm speeds and 32 bytes of battery-backed RAM to store an encryption key.