Targets: Audio, Communication & Wired, Consumer, Imaging & Video, Mobile & Wireless

Ubicom 7000 Block Diagram

Ubicom's StreamEngine7000 family of CMP (communications and media processors) are specifically designed for delivering high-quality multimedia content—such as HDTV, digital images, streaming audio, and VoIP—to, and within, the digital home. The efficiency of the multi-threaded architecture and flexibility of software-programmable I/O make this family suitable for wireless routers, Integrated Access Devices, access points, bridges, digital photo frames and networked audio and video players. With up to 600 Mbps of aggregate throughput, the family is suited for designs with high speed interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, and 802.11n WLAN.

To meet the strict throughput and latency requirement of multimedia in digital home, StreamEngine CMP offers architectural features including multithreading and "memory to memory" architecture. With 12 independent hardware threads, StreamEngine is capable of simultaneously processing different types of media application on the network. By combining fast on-chip memory and "memory to memory" architecture, the processor features the deep media packet inspection for guaranteeing Quality of Service.

StreamEngine CMPs are able to have software exercise precise, cycle-by-cycle control of I/O pins, which allows the processor to interface directly to support chips such as video display drivers or audio processors that require a custom communications protocol. This maximizes choices for the system designer, while minimizing bill of material costs through the elimination of interface components.

StreamEngine CMPs enhance security processing via a dedicated hardware engine with support for DES, 3DES, and AES data encryption, as well as SHA-1 and MD5 authentication algorithms. This dedicated engine enables offload of security processing from the core for higher performance. Systems employing StreamEngine can deploy either stateful or stateless professional-grade firewalls for robust network security.

Audio and image processing—the core of the digital home experience—are enhanced by StreamEngine DSP extensions. The architecture supports digital music formats such as MP3 and AAC. It also supports G.711, G.726, and G729AB VoIP codecs, with echo cancellation, adaptive jitter control. StreamEngine's automatic Intelligent Stream Handling (ISH) enables low cost and high quality multichannel voice over IP, audio and video distribution in the home. StreamEngine7000 provides enhanced image processing capability for generating sophisticated photo effects. Ubicom supports standard POSIX APIs.