Is the job market for embedded developers improving?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 by Robert Cravotta

I have an unofficial sense that there has been an uptick in the embedded market for developers. This sense is not based on hard data; rather it is based on a sense of what I hear in briefings and what types of briefings I am seeing. The message of recovery is not a new one, but over the previous year or two it felt like the undertone of the message was more of a hope than a sentiment of fact. The undertone now suggests that there may be more than just hopeful optimism to the message today.

Are you seeing more opportunities for embedded developers than the previous year or two? Is the workload growing as well as the talent being brought to bear on these projects, or are you doing more with much less? If you can provide an anecdote, please do; otherwise, use the scale below to indicate how you think the market for embedded developers is doing.

1)      The embedded market is hurting so much that improvement/growth is hard to detect.

2)      The embedded market is showing signs of revival but still has a ways to go to be healthy.

3)      The embedded market is healthy.

4)      The embedded market is growing and hiring opportunities are up.

5)      The future has never looked brighter.

6)      Other (please expand)

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