Targets: Communication & Wired, Industrial, Medical, Mobile & Wireless, Security

Atmel SAM3 Block Diagram 1

Atmel Cortex-M3 core based Flash microcontrollers start with memory densities of 64-kbytes, migrating up to 256-kbytes, and operate at up to 96 MHz. Their feature set includes a multi-layer bus matrix supporting parallel data transfers for uninterrupted internal and external data flows with minimum processor overhead. Its power consumption is as low as 500 uA/MHz and it supports operating voltages down to 1.62V to maximize power efficiency. Atmel continues to expand its SAM3 family with devices suitable for consumer, industrial and medical application areas.

Atmel SAM3 Block Diagram 2

Atmel's 64 MHz Cortex-M3 based SAM3S series of flash microcontrollers include system control, sensor interfaces, 64 to 256-kbyte Flash memory options, an optional external parallel bus interface, connectivity capabilities, and user interface support. The peripheral set includes a Full Speed USB Device port with embedded transceiver, a High Speed MCI for SDIO/SD/MMC, and an External Bus Interface featuring a Static Memory Controller providing connection to SRAM, PSRAM, NOR Flash, LCD Module and NAND Flash. Additional peripherals include USARTs, UARTs, 2x TWIs, 3x SPI, an I²S, as well as 1 PWM timer, general-purpose 16-bit timers, an RTC, an ADC, a 12-bit DAC, and an analog comparator. The SAM3S's supply voltage ranges from 1.62 to 3.6V operation and package options from 48-pin QFP and QFN up to 100-pin QFP and BGA.

The SAM3S has integrated series resistors on the outputs with a typical value of 35 Ohms, which result in a reduced BOM cost, real estate savings and facilitate PCB design.

Improved safety and security features include an MPU (Memory Protection Unit), hardware CRC with DMA, and a 128-bit unique ID for external software confidentiality. Atmel's SAM3S targets applications such as consumer, industrial control, metering, toys, medical, test and measurement, 802.15.4 wireless networking, PC, cell phone, and gaming peripherals.