Targets: Communication & Wired, Imaging & Video, Industrial, Motor Control

Hyperstone HYNET32S / HYNET32XS Block Diagram

The HyNet32S/32XS is a networking processor based on the E1-32XSR RISC/DSP processor core. The HyNet32XS processor uses a maximum clock rate of 180 MHz and adds communication support via integrated peripherals. In addition to support for Ethernet, USB2.0 and CAN, the HyNet 32XS also supports CCIR656-compliant video inputs.

The HyNet32S/32XS provides communications capability along with high speed DSP support, while having 1.7W power consumption at maximum operating conditions. This processor is suitable for applications requiring system/networking support along with high speed DSP processing, such as Ethernet Powerlink (Real time Ethernet for Industrial Control), Motor Control, Imaging and Video, Telephony applications such as VoIP or any general purpose networking application combined with DSP.