Targets: Consumer, Industrial

Hyperstone S6 Block Diagram

The S6 SD/MMC NAND flash controller from Hyperstone is designed for high-performance SD cards, MMC cards and related form factors. This controller is derived from the Hyperstone E1 32-bit RISC/DSP processor. The S6 contains dual flash channels, each with its own DFA processor (Direct Flash Access-similar to DMA), and two 4-kbyte sector buffers per channel. An integrated DC/DC converter allows the S6 to support dual-voltage SD/MMC cards, and four-symbol Reed-Solomon ECC enhances data integrity.

The S6 supports SLC and MLC flash from all vendors, and it is optimized for 4-kbyte/page flash. The S6 supports SD2.0 and MMC4.2 specifications and is capable of sustained speeds of greater than 24MB/sec read and greater than 23MB/sec write. Commercial and industrial temperature versions are available. Robust flash management and patented wear leveling are implemented in firmware stored in the flash. A complete set of software tools is provided for card initialization and preformatting.