Innovasic Semiconductor

Innovasic Semiconductor


Targets: Communication & Wired, Industrial, Motor Control

Innovasic Semiconductor fido1100 Block Diagram

The fido architecture (flexible input, deterministic output) has two major features designed for Real-Time Ethernet, Motor Control, and other Industrial applications: the "RTOS Kernel in a Chip," and Universal I/O Controllers. The fido1100 implements typical RTOS functions, such as context switching and timing, scheduling, and priority control, directly in the silicon. These features enable it to manage up to five interrupt- or timer-driven events deterministically without requiring the services of an RTOS. They also prevent one task from crashing another or affecting the entire system. A fatal fault will stop only the affected context – there is no interruption of other tasks. Context switching takes a single clock cycle every time. Priority-based preemptive scheduling and priority control are also silicon-based, which allows the predictable performance and ultra-low jitter communications that are critical to Industrial and Motor Control applications.

Developers can program the fido1100's Universal I/O Controllers (UICs) to support a variety of I/O protocols; this flexibility allows developers to use fido in multiple designs with different I/O requirements. The company provides UIC software libraries for 10/100 Ethernet with MAC address filtering, CAN, Dual UART, SPI, I²C, GPIO, and proprietary protocols.