Innovasic Semiconductor

Innovasic Semiconductor

RapID Platform

Targets: Communication & Wired, Industrial

Innovasic Semiconductor RapID Platform Block Diagram

The RapID Platform Ethernet Connectivity solution includes schematics, bill of materials, design tools, software, stacks, and example code to support developers with their embedded designs. The heart of the RapID Platform is the Innovasic fido1100 Communication Controller. This controller chip manages all network traffic as well as TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP and Profinet stack processes. Developers can use the RapID platform in conjunction with another host processor, connecting via a memory bus interface. The host then executes the application and is not burdened with the network and stack processes. Alternatively, for simple devices, the entire application can run on the fido1100.

The Ethernet interface is designed to exceed requirements of the CIP and Profinet specifications. An Ethernet switch with 2 external ports provides connectivity in star and line network topologies. The capabilities of the fido1100 chip and its ecosystem allow you to add the platform to your products or to modify the platform with your own proprietary features to differentiate your products.