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Silicon Laboratories

Precision Mixed Signal

Targets: General Purpose, Imaging & Video, Industrial, Medical, Mobile & Wireless, Test & Measurement

Silicon Laboratories Precision Mixed Signal Block Diagram

The Precision Mixed-Signal microcontroller family combines high-precision analog data converters with a high-throughput 8051 CPU to target analog and compute intensive applications. ADC resolutions range from 10- to 24-bits and CPU throughputs range from 20 to 100 MIPS. Other on-chip analog peripherals include DACs (resolutions to 12-bits), a voltage reference, comparators, a temperature sensor and oscillators. Digital peripherals include external memory interface, timers, programmable counter array (PCA) modules, and UART, SPI and SMBus serial ports. Precision analog and high integration make the Precision Mixed-Signal family suitable for advanced mixed-signal systems

Fully-specified, on-chip ADCs outperform discrete Implementations, eliminating the need for external ADCs and DACs. On-chip input diff amps and voltage references further reduce implementation size and cost. Other features such as programmable conversion speed, hardware window detections, and programmable trigger source give designers the tools to optimize system performance. The secure on-board Flash is programmable in-circuit with blocks segmented in 512-byte sectors (1-kbytes for C8051F120/F130) and requires no special off-chip programming voltage. Software-writable Flash eliminates the cost and overhead of EEPROM.

Silicon Laboratories' mixed-signal microcontroller products feature in-system debugging, which eliminates the need for an emulator. The microcontrollers are supported with a complete, low-cost professional development kit that includes everything required to immediately begin the system design: IDE, target board, cables, and power supply.