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Targets: Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Security, Test & Measurement

Silicon Laboratories Si10xx Block Diagram

The Si10xx wireless microcontroller family is a low power single-chip microcontroller with an integrated sub-GHz RF transceiver. These wireless microcontrollers are designed to address the application requirements of power-sensitive embedded control systems requiring a bi-directional RF communications link. Target applications include home automation systems, smart meters, in-home utility monitors and security systems.

The Si10xx wireless microcontrollers combine a 25 MHz 8051 core, EZRadioPRO sub-GHz RF transceiver, up to 64-kbytes of flash and up to 12-bit ADC – all in a 5x7 mm package. The Si10xx wireless microcontrollers offer low active-mode current consumption (160 microamps per MHz). In sleep mode, they consume 615 nanoamps with an active 32.768 kHz real-time clock (RTC) and down to 315 nanoamps with an active RTC and a low frequency oscillator (LFO). In deep-sleep mode, they can operate on as little as 25 nA with full RAM retention.

The Si10xx family's ultra-low-power architecture and fast wake-up time (2 microseconds) extends battery life in both lithium and alkaline battery applications. The Si10xx architecture features a dc-dc boost converter designed to supply large loads with extremely high efficiency. The dc-dc converter supplies power needed for periods of RF transmission and reception with efficiencies of up to 90 percent. The Si10xx family's integrated power amplifier (PA) and low-noise amplifier enable an RF link budget of greater than 140 dB without requiring active external elements.