Targets: Audio, Automotive, Communication & Wired, Imaging & Video

ARM ARM946E-S Block Diagram

The ARM946E-S is a synthesizable macrocell suited to a range of embedded applications running an RTOS, speech codecs, imaging, and automotive control. The core implements the ARMv5TE instruction set that includes the 32-bit ARM instruction set for maximum performance and flexibility and the 16-bit Thumb instruction set for increased code density.

The code written for the ARM946E-S is forwards compatible with the ARM10E family. The instruction set can be extended for specific requirements using coprocessors. A hardened implementation of the ARM946E macrocell is available via the ARM Foundry Program.

The macrocell also features an enhanced 16x32-bit multiplier capable of single cycle MAC operations. The16-bit fixed point DSP instructions accelerate signal processing algorithms and applications. The DSP instruction extensions reduce the need for separate and costly DSP processors. The macrocell has flexible instruction and data caches, instruction and data tightly coupled memory (TCM) interfaces. The size of the instruction and data cache, and instruction and data TCM memories are configurable to allow tailoring of the hardware to the embedded application.

The macrocell has an MPU (Memory Protection Unit) supporting all major RTOS. It has industry standard AMBA bus AHB interfaces, ETM interface for Real-time trace capability with ETM9, EmbeddedICE-RT logic for real-time debug and an optional MOVE coprocessor that delivers video encoding performance.