C6502, C65C02

Targets: Automotive, Communication & Wired, Computers & Peripherals, General Purpose, Industrial, Motor Control

Cast C6502, C65C02 Block Diagram

The C6502 IP (intellectual property) core implements a fast, 8-bit microprocessor that executes the same instruction set as the MOS Technology 6502. It also conforms to the popular 6510 and 6502C variations of the 6502. The C65C02 core is an upgraded version, and was used in many successful products such as the Apple IIc home computer.

The cores provide software and hardware interrupts for interfacing external devices. With thirteen or sixteen addressing modes—including indirect-index and zero-page modes—the C6502 is able to address up to 64-kbytes of external memory with two byte-long instructions. The 8-bit arithmetic-logic unit can operate on signed and unsigned binary numbers as well as binary-coded decimal numbers. The C65C02 core offers two instructions to save power, (STP) halt processor and (WAI) wait for interrupt instruction.

The popularity of the 6502 architecture means a significant amount of industry-certified software is ready to use with this core. The core also enables modification of the original instruction set to better suit new systems and applications.

Representative 90 nm ASIC results show the C6502 core uses 2,100 gates and runs at 100 MHz, the C65C02 3,000 gates and 100 MHz.