Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology


Targets: Communication & Wired, Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, General Purpose, Industrial, Medical, Mobile & Wireless, Security, Test & Measurement

Microchip Technology PIC24F Block Diagram

With 16 MIPS performance, an extensive peripheral set, and XLP eXtreme low power modes, the PIC24F offers a migration option for design engineers whose applications may be outgrowing the performance or peripherals offered by 8-bit microcontrollers and need to remain cost competitive and low power. The PIC24F offers memory sizes from 4- to 256-kbytes and pin counts from 14 to 100 pins, with pin and code compatibility for easy migration. All PIC24F microcontrollers have integrated Flash and Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), and they incorporate an advanced RISC architecture with software stack, 24-bit instructions, 17x17 hardware multiplier, and multiple internal and external interrupts. The PIC24F microcontrollers are supported by low cost development boards and free software to simplify designs with touch sensing, USB, graphics, and Ethernet.

The PIC24F family includes enhanced peripherals, such as:

  • Full speed USB 2.0 On The Go (OTG) - up to 12 Mbps
  • Integrated Graphics – up to 3 graphics acceleration units, display controller supporting TFT, STN and OLED panels, and color look-up table supporting simultaneous 256 colors
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit - precise time measurement and capacitive touch sensing
  • mTouch Touch Sensing – for keys, buttons and sliders
  • Software DMA
  • Buffered UART with IrDA
  • 10-bit ADC – up to 500 ksps
  • Peripheral Pin Select
  • Parallel Master Port allows glue-less connection to external peripherals
  • Hardware Real Time Clock with Calendar simplifies applications that need time-keeping capability

PIC24F microcontrollers target a variety of markets such as industrial (e.g. metering, temperature and pressure sensors, vehicle tracking, fleet management); consumer (e.g. 3D goggles, Microwave ovens, dishwashers, HVAC controls, home automation); Medical (e.g. diagnostic devices, portable medical alarm), Audio (e.g. iPod/iPhone accessories, USB speakers, headphones), Computers and Peripherals (e.g. wireless mouse/keyboard, printers, scanners), Wireless (e.g. remote controls, RFID control system, building access control ), Security (e.g. security cameras, remote sensors, alarm systems), Test and Measurement (e.g. digital multimeter, flow meters), Automotive (e.g. main panel, steering wheel control, lighting, parking sensor) and other markets (e.g. traffic light control, set-top box, solar invertors).