Toshiba America Electronic Components

Toshiba America Electronic Components


Targets: Consumer, General Purpose, Industrial

Toshiba America Electronic Components TMPM360F20FG Block Diagram

The TMPM360F20FG is a 64-MHz Cortex-M3 microcontroller with 2-Mbytes of on-chip Flash and 128-kbytes of on-chip SRAM. It targets general-purpose microcontroller consumer or industrial applications that require lots of memory, timers, and I/Os. It offers 16 16-bit timers, up to 12 UARTs, up to 5 I²C controllers, up to 17 synchronous I/O controllers, a SPI controller, GPIOs, 10-bit ADC, watchdog timer, and real-time clock controller. In addition there is an external bus with multiplexed or separate address/data and 4 chip selects. A 2-channel DMA controller can move data between any of these blocks.

It supports JTAG or ARM's Serial Wire debug, along with a full 4-bit ETM real-time trace module. 1-Mbyte Flash versions with 64-kbytes of SRAM (TMPM362F10FG and TMPM361F10FG) are also available. The TMPM360/362 are available in a 144-pin QFP package; TMPM361F10FG is available in a 100-pin QFP. Evaluation boards are available now.