Toshiba America Electronic Components

Toshiba America Electronic Components


Targets: Digital Power, General Purpose, Industrial, Motor Control

Toshiba America Electronic Components TMPM380FYFG Block Diagram

The TMPM380FYFG is a 5V microcontroller with a 40 MHz Cortex-M3 CPU. It targets digital signal control applications where PWM techniques are used to shape high-power waveforms, such as inverters for motor control, AC power generation, power factor control, and IGBT/FET servo circuits. The TMPM380 includes a multipurpose timer that can generate 2 sets of 3-phase PWM outputs or 3 sets of 2-phase PWM outputs. A 12-bit ADC with 5V input swing offers high noise immunity for sampling the state of the circuit; which can be further improved with software filters (e.g., Kalman filter) running on the ARM CPU.

The on-chip SRAM and FLASH run with zero wait states for fully deterministic operation (no software timing variability due to caching). Real-time debugging is support via the ARM Coresight on-chip debug module with ETM real-time trace. TMPM380 is also suitable for general-purpose microcontroller application where 5V VCC is required for improved noise immunity or to drive 5V circuits. The microcontroller includes GPIO, serial interfaces, CPU clock frequency monitoring, power reset and low-voltage detect circuits. The FY series offers 256-kbyte Flash and 16-kbyte SRAM. The FW series offers 128-kbyte Flash and 12-kbyte SRAM. Evaluation kits with CMSIS library will be available Q4 2010.