Toshiba America Electronic Components

Toshiba America Electronic Components


Targets: Consumer, Industrial, Medical

Toshiba America Electronic Components TMPM900CMXBG Block Diagram

The Toshiba TMPA900CMXBG and TMPA901CMXBG ARM926EJ-S microcontrollers target low-cost consumer/industrial display applications such as eDictionaries, eReaders, digital picture frames, display panels, POS terminals, low-vision readers, toys, and educational tools. The ARM926EJ-S CPU can run a Linux operating system, WindowsCE operating system, or similar "rich" operating system environments, which are supported with a matching set of peripherals to enable many application possibilities. These peripherals include CMOS image sensor/camera interface, USB Host (FS), USB Device (HS), SD host controller, TFT LCD controller and 2D graphics accelerator.

Toshiba America Electronic Components TMPM901CMXBG Block Diagram

The 200 MHz ARM926EJ-S CPU delivers high performance operation with DSP extensions and hardware support for the Java platform. It includes 16-kbytes of instruction and data caches, with an additional 32-kbytes of on-chip zero-wait-state SRAM. It is capable of supporting processing tasks such as voice codecs for VoIP, MP3 and other digital music decoding, JPEG decode and scaling for digital picture frames, image processing and compensation for data coming from the image sensor, and GUI interfacing. The graphics accelerator can scale and rotate, and can overlay text using alpha blending. The LCD controller can support a range of TFT panel sizes and pixel widths. For fail-soft applications, TMPA900CMXBG and TMPA901CMXBG comply with IEC60730 class B.

The TMPA900CMXBG is in a 289-pin BGA, and TMPA901CMXBG is in a 177-pin BGA, and operate over an extended temperature range of -20 to +85 C.