Toshiba America Electronic Components

Toshiba America Electronic Components


Targets: Motor Control

Toshiba America Electronic Components TMPM370FYFG Block Diagram

The TMPM370 offers an ARM Cortex-M3 running at 80 MHz combined with a hardware vector engine for field-oriented sensorless or sensored control of AC motors, such as BLDC motors. The TMPM370 can simultaneously control two sensorless motors with 50 MIPS of CPU remaining for other tasks. TMPM370 also includes on-chip 256-kbytes Flash, 10-kbytes SRAM, 2 motor control units, dual 12-bit ADCs with automatic input sequencing, and sample triggering by the motor control unit.

To save on system costs, analog functions are also integrated: 4 programmable-gain amplifiers for reading the motor shunt voltages, comparators for detecting STOP conditions, CPU clock monitoring circuit, low-voltage detect, and power-on reset generator. Other features for motor control include a 5V VCC for higher noise immunity and improved ADC range. An evaluation kit is available from Toshiba and its distributors; software developments tools are available from Keil, IAR System and Hitex.