Targets: Communication & Wired, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military & Aerospace, Mobile & Wireless, Security

Zilog EZ80Acclaim! Block Diagram

The eZ80Acclaim! Flash microcontrollers share the same CPU core as other eZ80 devices, and offer on-chip integrated memories up to 256-kbytes of Flash and 16-kbytes of SRAM, core speeds up to 50MHz, and an on-chip Ethernet MAC (eZ80F91 only). The eZ80Acclaim! can handle everyday embedded control tasks while adding networking and communication capabilities in an 8-bit form factor.

The eZ80Acclaim! family of microcontrollers targets high-performance general-purpose applications, embedded control, and networking. Embedded communication features such as the Ethernet MAC and TCP/IP software are an integral part of the overall eZ80 strategy of offering low-cost, but robust networking capabilities. The eZ80acclaim! key applications include embedded networking, protocol conversion, communication, industrial control, automation, vending, POS, and facility monitoring and remote control. The eZ80Acclaim! is suitable for applications requiring high-performance 8-bit processing at 16-bit speeds, integrated Ethernet and Flash, power management functionality, rich serial interfaces, excellent timers, PLL, and DSP-like (single cycle HW MAC engine) capabilities.

The eZ80Acclaim! family development tool kit contains a TCP/IP stack, software code, and a full ANSI C-Compiler. Full documentation and support for the eZ80Acclaim! is available via data sheets, product user manuals, quick-start guides, application notes, flyers, technical notes, and white papers.

Parts featured within this family include the eZ80F91, eZ80F92 and eZ80F93.