Z8 Encore!

Targets: Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, General Purpose, Industrial, Security

Zilog Z8 Encore! Block Diagram

The general-purpose nature of the Z8 Encore! family means that it is suited for use in a wide range of applications. The family of devices was expanded in 2005 with the introduction of the Z8 F0823, targeting applications such as power supplies, sensor interfacing, user input in set top boxes, battery charging, and small and large home appliances. These new devices are fully compatible with other Z8 Encore! and Z8 Encore! XP devices.

With up to 64-kbytes of program memory, software code can be changed, updated, and reprogrammed during development and into production. Included in this integrated design is a 10-bit A/D converter, an on-chip debugger, up to 24 interrupts, and up to 60 general-purpose I/O pins. The Z8 Encore! Incorporates a 20 MHz CPU core with a 3-channel DMA controller (16- to 64-kbytes parts only) and up to 4-kbytes of RAM. These devices also support running the I²C, SPI, and up to two UARTs in parallel, and the inclusion of up to four 16-bit timers with PWM capability.

Zilog offers a library of application notes, technical notes and white papers. The comprehensive development kit contains ZDSII (Zilog Developers Studio II) IDE software, an ANSI C-Compiler and "C" source-level debugger, a fully-featured Evaluation Board, a Z8F6403 (64-kbyte) Flash device, an RS-232 to ZDB Cable, Universal AC/DC Power Supply, and target module interface. To avoid the need for expensive In-Circuit Emulators, all these parts also come complete with an on-chip debug interface. Parts featured within this family include the Z8F0113, Z8F0123, Z8F0213, Z8F0223, Z8F0411, Z8F0412, Z8F0413, Z8F0421, Z8F0422, Z8F0423, Z8F0811, Z8F0812, Z8F0813, Z8F0821, Z8F0822, Z8F0823, Z8F1621, Z8F1622, Z8F2421, Z8F2422, Z8F3221, Z8F3222, Z8F4821, Z8F4822, Z8F4823, Z8F6421, Z8F6422 and Z8F6423.