Z8 Encore! XP

Targets: Computers & Peripherals, Consumer, Industrial, Motor Control, Security

Zilog Z8 Encore! XP Block Diagram

The Z8 Encore! XP family of high performance 8-bit microcontrollers is available in 8-, 20-, and 28-pin options with a variety of package offerings including SOIC, SSOP, QFN and PDIP for development. The Z8 Encore! XP includes integrated features such as a temperature sensor, a transimpedance amplifier, and a best-in-class high-speed SAR ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). Additional integrated features include an on-chip Internal Precision Oscillator, non-volatile data storage (NVDS) memory, and large working memory.

The Z8 Encore! XP employs up to 128-bytes of NVDS (non-volatile data storage), an Internal Precision Oscillator (IPO) with 'Fail-Safe', direct LED Drive, on chip temperature sensor, analog comparator and transimpedance (current sense) amplifier. One of the key elements of the microcontroller is its advanced power management function, with high accuracy ADC, improved timers and noise immunity, and, in the 8-pin version, low voltage detect.

The integrated temperature sensor measures die temperature (which is related to ambient temperature) with an accuracy of +/- 1.5ºC across a range of 20 to 30ºC; +/- 7ºC across the extended -40 to 105ºC range. Working in tandem with the internal ADC, the Z8 Encore! XP is suitable for HVAC, over/under temperature sensing (for example, in motor and industrial control), and for calibration//compensation in applications such as medical equipment and sensors.

The on-chip transimpedance amplifier is a high accuracy, high gain buffer amplifier in the ADC input path; it is intended to convert small current measurements to large voltages for conversion by the ADC. It is basically a "current sense amplifier", and this feature makes the Z8 Encore! XP family suited for applications such as Carbon Monoxide and fire/smoke detectors, hall (magnetic) sensors, and instrumentation applications because many sensors and transducers have low-voltage or low-current outputs. The amplifier allows direct connection to these sensors without the need for an external buffer amplifier.

The integrated precision oscillator is a self-contained clock source for the operation of the microcontroller. The Failsafe ensures that if the primary clock source of the Z8 Encore! XP fails, the processor will be informed and an alternative clock source will automatically switch-in. The ADC supplies designers with up to eight, single-ended differential channels of Sigma-Delta 10-bit A/D conversion. When combined with the two independent PWM outputs on the Z8 Encore! XP, this enables two simultaneous charging events that provide increased throughput with a cost and space savings.

The advanced power management capabilities of the Z8 Encore! XP include the ability to shut off unused analog and digital peripherals, and low power modes (Halt: Main OSC running; Stop: Main OSC not running). In addition, the watchdog timer can be disabled or enabled in any mode. The low stop mode wake-up delay is (16µs) and there are multiple wake-up sources (GPIO Transition / Reset / WDT Time out) and a 2uA (typical) stop mode current.

Zilog offers application notes, data sheets, white papers, technical notes and reference designs online for general consumption. A full-featured development kit is also available, which includes a development board, Serial or USB cable, 5V DC power supply, Zilog's ZDS II IDE, free C-Compiler with sample code, and IrDA transceiver and debug functionality.

The Z8 Encore! XP family allows full migration between its series with pin-for-pin compatibility. Parts featured within this family include the Z8F011A, Z8F012A, Z8F0130, Z8F0131, Z8F021A, Z8F022A, Z8F0230, Z8F0231, Z8F041A, Z8F042A, Z8F0430, Z8F0431, Z8F081A, Z8F082A, Z8F0830, Z8F0831, Z8F1232 and Z8F1233.