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MIPS Technologies


Targets: Audio, Automotive, Communication & Wired, Consumer, Imaging & Video, Mobile & Wireless

MIPS Technologies 24KE Block Diagram

The MIPS32 24KE core family leverages the high-performance 24K microarchitecture and incorporates the MIPS DSP Application-Specific Extension (ASE). These instructions improve signal processing performance up to 200 percent over a range of embedded applications in broadband CPE, DTV, set-top box and Blu-ray DVD when compared to RISC implementations without the DSP ASE. The DSP ASE implementation allows the 24KE core to act as a DSP-enhanced host core.

With 800+ MHz (worst case 65mm) host plus DSP performance, the 24KE core enables multimedia and communications applications to be subsumed into a single design environment. A complete suite of software development tools, the MIPS DSP Library, and a third-party DSP applications network supports the 24KE core family. The CorExtend capability of the 24KE Pro cores allows users to supercharge application performance by defining and adding their own instructions.