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Targets: Audio, Automotive, Communication & Wired, Consumer, Imaging & Video, Industrial, Mobile & Wireless

MIPS Technologies 34K Block Diagram

The MIPS32 34K core is a multi-threaded processor targeting high-performance, cost-sensitive embedded applications. The 34K core implements the MIPS Multi-Threading Application Specific Extension (ASE). Processing multiple software threads in parallel, 34K cores negate the effect of memory latency caused by a cache miss to deliver significant gains in system performance and cost savings, with a minimal increase in die size.

The 34K core can be configured with a maximum of two Virtual Processing Elements (VPEs) and nine Thread Contexts (TCs) for ultimate design flexibility. Depending on the application, the 34K core can implement symmetric multiprocessing across two VPEs. Alternatively, each VPE can run a separate operating system.

The 34K core family delivers system performance gains of 20% to 40% over single pipeline architectures in a single core solution without requiring any code rewrite or optimization. The 34K cores also leverage the MIPS DSP ASE for integrated DSP capability. 34K cores are suited for the multi-threaded computing tasks inherent in broadband CPE, DTV, set-top box, and Blu-ray DVD applications.