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NXP LPC1100 Block Diagram

The LPC1100 series is part of NXP's LPC1000 family, and it is the company's lowest-priced 32-bit microcontroller. With over 45 DMIPS of performance, the LPC1100 can execute basic control tasks and sophisticated algorithms. This level of performance is delivered at 50 MHz, with power optimization, at less than 10 mA. The LPC1100 series also features flash densities of up to 128-kbytes. The LPC1100 is code and tool compatible with other NXP ARM-based microcontroller products.

The LPC11C00 features the same architecture, performance, and peripherals as the LPC1100 series, and it offers on-chip CAN 2.0 B C_CAN controller and CANopen drivers. The LPCC100 provides a total CAN solution at a low-cost entry point. The on-chip CAN and CANopen drivers provide developers with API commands to simplify the plug-and-play integration process. These drivers reside in low-power ROM, freeing up to 8-kbytes of user code space and provides the dual advantage of reduced operating power and secure and safe bootloading via CAN or other on-chip serial channels. Flash updating can be done via In System Programming (ISP) over the CAN-bus.